Top 10 Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturers in the World

The number of nonwoven fabric manufacturers in the world is on the rise. It’s a booming industry with many companies looking to get their slice of the pie. Nonwoven fabrics are used for all sorts of applications, from medical and hygiene products to industrial purposes and even construction materials. So without further ado, let’s take a look at Top 10 nonwoven Fabric Manufacturers in the World!

Top 10 Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturers: After glancing at this article, you will know the 10 Best Nonwoven fabric manufacturers in the world. Moreover why this nonwoven fabric is significant in our daily life and vital for protecting our environment. At the end of the article, I will submit a comparison table that will help you to get a clear and proper view easily. Here is

List of Top 10 Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturers:

  1. Berry Global
  2. SunoTex
  3. DuPont
  4. Fitesa
  5. Glatfelter
  6. Freudenberg
  7. Kimberly Clark
  8. Johns Manville
  9. Low & Bonar
  10. TWE Group

1. Berry Global

Berry Global is the world’s biggest nonwovens producer; in this list, you will get endless products. Among them, nonwoven fabrics are very popular.

Address: 101 Oakley St, Evansville, IN, 47710-123, USA

Phone: (812)424-2904


Berry Global Company Information

Berry Global is a reputed nonwoven manufacturer founded in 1967 in the USA. The headquarters are in Evansville, Indiana, United States. 2016 Nonwovens sales are $2 billion, and ranking is first. It has an overall 48,000 skilled employees. This massive company provides 17,000 metric tons of annual capacity to the marketplace.

Berry Global Specialties:

  1. Has 20+ years of experience and never compromises with its quality.
  2. During this pandemic time, it improved wipes capacity for the Coronavirus defense that showed how trustworthy the company is!
  3. The employees always give their 100% to empower the best service to the customers.

2. Sunotex

Sunotex is a non – woven fabric manufacturer that has 15+ years of experience in this field, so it can provide the world-class nonwoven fabric.

Address: Shuguang Road, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang, China.

Contact No: +86-575-89967877


Sunotex Company Information:

SunoTex is a subsidiary group of Guanghong Nonwoven Co. Ltd, which is the leading domestic nonwoven fabric factory in China. This company was established in 2007 in China, has 22 lines like SunoTex, 300 R&D engineers, and skilled workers. The annual output is 60,000 tons of nonwoven fabric, and the annual revenue is USD 83572. SunoTex is the best local nonwoven fabric manufacturer.

The best nonwoven manufacturing company is SunoTex. Cause:

  1. Sunotex always believes in quality, so it gives a lot of budget on research purposes for developing the quality day by day. Several types of machines are used for different kinds of Nonwoven fabric as modern technology is being followed.
  2. For the best quality needs, professional teams, and SunoTex has Textile Engineer teams, International sales teams, and long-time trained workers.
  3. Practice makes things perfect, and 14 years of experience makes SunoTex one of the best Nonwoven fabric manufacturers in the world. Besides, the SGS test report proves the quality level of this foundation.
  4. According to the service and quality status, it offers a reasonable market price which is surely affordable.

3. DuPont

DuPont is an aged company from Washington, and in the time of the second world war, this historic company ranked 15 among the USA.

Address: ℅ freedom Press,

Angel Alley, 84 Whitechapel High Street, London, E1 7QX, United Kingdom.

Established: 1897

Twitter: CorpWatchUK

DuPont Company Information:

The company was first established in 1897, and the nonwoven fabric production started in 1941 in the USA. 2016 Nonwoven sales are $1 billion and ranking 5th. As this is an ancient company, it has more than 40 years of experience in nonwoven fabric production. The headquarters is in Wilmington, Delaware.

DuPont Specialties:

  1. The performance of DuPont is superior and always delivered the best quality products.
  2. They work with manufacturers and designers to create high-performance fiber.
  3. Their products work to protect people and equipment as well as lowering the carbon footprint that also protects our environment from pollution.
  4. Around 30,000 employees work here who provide the best service integrity.

4. Fitesa

Fitesa is one of the leading companies in the nonwoven fabric industry that supplies spun bound,melt blown, carded, and Airlaid nonwovens to the hygiene, medical and industrial markets.

Fitesa  Nonwoven

Address of Headquarters: Centro Historico,

Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil 90010-001.

Fitesa Company Information

Fitesa was first established in 1966 in Brazil, and the 2016 ranking is 6th with sales of 708 million USD. The entire employees of this company are around 2000 people.

t Fitesa Specialties on Producing Nonwoven:

  1. Fitesa always runs for innovation, and it runs four innovation centers and three pilot lines that guarantee precision and speed in development.
  2. The specialty of the group is simplicity, frugality, honesty, integrity, and trust.
  3. Their products will help to make your work easier and your life better.
  4. Always ensure consumer’s safety, peace of mind, and health.

5. Glatfelter:

We already know about four types of nonwoven fabric, and the Glatfelter is specialized in Airlaid, Wet-laid materials. Glatfelter is the world commander in high-quality customized nonwoven air-laid materials.

Glatfelter Nonwovens

Address: 4350 Congress Street, Suite 600, Charlotte, NC 28209 USA

Phone: +1-867-744-7380


Glatfelter Pacific Nonwovens Company Information

Glatfelter was established in 1864, and its headquarters is in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. The number of employees is 2560, and annual revenue is approximately $1 billion.

Glatfelter Specialties:

  1. The experienced product development team constantly remains active in designing solutions that meet your needs.
  2. They have customer service by which you will get personal attention from the company.
  3. Their products are very much sustainable and not harmful to the environment.

6. Freudenberg

Freudenberg ranked second in the 2016 company ranking, so you can call it your specialist for technical textile, nonwoven fabrics, and smart textile.

Freudenberg nonwovens

Address: 58636 Iserloh, Germany

Phone: +49 62011 800

Freudenberg nonwovens Company Informations:

Freudenberg was launched in 1849 in Germany. This is a leading global supplier of technical textiles. The generated sales of the community are $1 billion, has 33 production sites, and retains some 5000 employees. The headquarters is in Weinheim, Germany.

Freudenberg Specilities:

  1. Being a member of the U.N. Global Compact initiative delivers exceptional performance. By their stunning work, they constantly expand the company’s economic and also social responsibility by thinking about ecological factors.
  2. With More than 165 year’s background qualifications, it always serves the best value.
  3. Freudenberg is awesome in all of the four types of nonwoven fabric.

7.Kimberly Clark

Kimberly Clark is a multinational personal care association in America and became a wonderful brand by their creativity, original thinking, and understanding of people’s most fundamental needs.

Address: 2300 Winchester Road Neenah, WI, 54956 USA

Contact No: 1-88-525-8388

Kimberly Clark Company Information

First founded in 1872 in the U.S., and now the headquarters is in Irving, Texas, United States. The annual revenue was more than $19 billion in 2020, and 46000 employees work around the world.

Kimberly Clark Specialities:

  1. Kimberly Clark is a considerable producer of nonwoven products designed to distribute outstanding quality products with durability, absorbency, and fluid release.
  2. This is the right solution to help your life project and assists in leading an amazing lifestyle.
  3. Nonwoven fibers sometimes work as a filter, and Kimberly Clark filtration offers a broad range of air and liquid filter media.
  4. Work with full confidence from 1872 to the present time, and it is the best experienced nonwoven fabric manufacturer.

8. Johns Manville

They globally offer a vast range of synthetic and glass fiber in nonwoven areas. With customer service units, experienced employees, manufacturing capabilities, Johns Manville improved its performance constantly.

johns manville nonwovens

Address: P.O. Box 5108

Denver, Co 80217-5108

Phone: 3039782000


Johns Manville Nonwovens Company Informations

Founded in New York, the United States, in 1858, headquarters in Denver, Colorado, United States, and the parent organization is Berkshire Hathaway. The general workers of Johns Manville are over 1000 people and $500 million annual revenue.

Johns Manville Nonwovens Specialities:

  1. Always understand the customer’s comfort and safety. In addition, their glass fiber and synthetic nonwovens exist for construction applications.
  2. They produce nonwoven energy storage.
  3. The nonwoven Technology at Johns Manville engineered products and made fibers that offer superior liquid barrier performance. Further, the stitch strength is comfortable and powerful.

9. Low and Bonar

Low and Bonar is a London-based company engaged in the manufacture and supply of nonwoven fabric, technical textile, and technical coated fabric.


Address: I.R. Solutions, 14041 NW 8th Sunrise, Fl 33325

Contact no: (954)-9625


Low and Bonar Company Information

Low and Bonar company’s headquarters location in London, United Kingdom, was founded in 1903. FV beteiligungs- GmbH is the parent organisation of it. Mehler Technologies GmbH, Colbond Gmbh Co.Kg, and so on are the subsidiaries of Low and Bonar.

Low and Bonar Specialties:

  1. Geosynthetic materials help them and their partners to succeed and grow. The high performance of Low and Bonar makes the place in the top list.
  2. The products of Low and Bonar are known for their tensile strength, unique mechanical properties, consistency as well as water permeability.
  3. Trained 1981 employees who worked under the group and earned $548.1 million in revenue annually.

10. TWE Group

TWE was founded in 1912, but it focused on nonwoven since 1970 and specialized in nonwoven technology, including spunlace, chemically bonded, needle punch, air through bonding, and thermal bonded.

TWE Group non woven

Address: Hollefeldstrasse 46, Emsdetten, 48282 in Germany

Contact : 49-25-722-050


TWE Group Company Information

This group was first founded in 1912 in Emsdetten, Germany. The assistant’s group is The Bocholt Gmbh, Vita Nonwovens, LLC, and more. The Parent organisation is TWE VLIESSTOFFWERKE GmbH & Co.KG. Its annual revenue $450 million and 1342 employees.

TWE Group Specialties:

  1. The TWE group aimed to be the most trusted company for nonwoven solutions worldwide, and they continuously perform to be the best.
  2. Around 50 years of knowledge prepares them to be responsible to the customers as well as society and the environment.
  3. The workers, engineers, designers all struggle together to get a perfect output.

Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturers Compersion Table:

NameEstablished yearHeadquartered  Revenue or salesEmployees numberExperienced years
Berry Global1967US    $2 billion sales48,00020
SunoTex2007China    $83572 million30014
DuPont1941Wilmington, Delaware  $1 billion sales30,00040
Fitesa1966Brazil    $708 million200050
Glatfelter1864North Carolina, US$1 billion2560100+
Freudenberg1849Germany    $1 billion5000100+
Kimberly Clark1872Texas, US    $19 billion460000100+
Johns Manville1858Denver, Colorado, US$500 million1000100+
Low & Bonar1903London, UK  $548 million198150+
TWE Group1912Germany    $450 million134240+
Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturers Compersion

Importance of Nonwoven Fabric

Nonwoven fabrics manufacturing is an influential textile sector. It has many advantages like nonwoven cloths provide high durability, fire-resistant, water-resistant, comfortable, and cost-effective. So nonwoven fabric will help to use a product for a long time, and it will reduce wastage.

Plus nonwoven fabrics are biodegradable, so it is not harmful to the environment. Nonwoven fiber is an indicated insulation player between the human body and the indoor environment used like floor covering, curtains, etc.

Final Virdect

The top 10 nonwoven companies pay extraordinary performance, but if you want the best brand, you can choose Berry Global. If you want something excellent and also affordable, you should choose SunoTex. As part of Guanghong Nonwoven, Sunotex is the best non-woven fabric manufacturer in the world according to the 2016 ranking. and if you need an experienced company, you can surely trust Kimberly Clark. Overall, all 10 products are preferable.

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