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Properties of Nonwoven Fabric

We have 25000SQM Cleaning working room, to make sure all the Nonwoven fabric production under Clean environment :

1 X SMMS Production Line, Maximum width 320cm

1 X SSS Production Line,  Maximum width 320cm

14 X S Production Line, Maximum width 160cm

6 X SS Production Line, Maximum width 240cm

nonwoven production Line

World Class Laboratory

We have a world-class standard testing laboratory, various types of experimental equipment, and experienced product quality control engineers, and have a complete quality control system and standards. Lay a good foundation for the production of high-quality non-woven fabrics.

We produce qualified non-woven fabrics and conduct in-process inspections on all non-woven fabrics to ensure that each roll of non-woven fabrics is subject to strict quality control during the production process.

Our quality control system has a complete traceability system that can be traced back to raw materials, production processes, production personnel, and quality control personnel; our product production records will be kept for two years.

Wetback instrument

Wetback instrument

Quality Matters!