What is Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric?

Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric:

Meltblown is a popular nonwoven fabric. That contains fibrous nets manufactured by several melt-blown mesh technique. It’s made from a thermoplastic synthetic polymer. From polymer stage to randomly-laid, Meltblown fabric is produced by utilizing the meltblown spinning process directly. The nonwoven manufacturing process of melt-blown fabric cemented by one or more techniques.

Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric
Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric

Classification of Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric

According to the Application, we can be divided into this classification of meltblown nonwoven fabric into different segments. Such as:

  • Masks,
  • Air purifiers,
  • Liquid filtration,
  • Insulation, oil absorption
  • and others nonwovens materials.

Usually, fabrics produced from a natural substance such as cotton are woven or knitted but in terms of Non-woven fabric do not needs to join yarn by weaving neither knitting. Instead of weaving or knitting its produced mechanically, thermally, and chemically bonded together. It’s created from separate fibres of molten polymers forming a web. You can observe it from the picture. Therefore, melt-blown fabric has many unique fabric properties which don’t have to others. Therefore, melt-blown fabric diversified desirable properties, they are as follows:

melt blown fabric
melt blown fabric

Properties of Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric

  1. Higher-strength.
  2. Comfortable, soft feel good.
  3. Good environmental health uniformity.
  4. Super absorbency power.
  5. Hydrophobic lipophilic.
  6. Act as a bacterial barrier.
  7. Safe direct contact with skin.
  8. High stretch.
  9. Flame retardant.
  10. Liquid repellent.
  11. Ultra-softness.
  12. Washable, and so on.

For these versatile properties Meltblown has outstanding performance in different segment in non woven industry.

Melt Blown Fabric

Sunotex Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Properties:

Item NoGHMB001
Product nameMeltblown nonwoven fabric
Filter Efficient32L:PFE99+, BFE99+
Filter Efficient85L:PFE95+, BFE99+
Width17.5cm-160cm [as customer request]
Weight25-50GSM [as customer request]
ColorWhite [as customer request]
OriginChina, Zhejiang
specificationAs per your requirement
Sample time3-5 days
Production10days sample confirmed
Packing detailsone roll with plastic bag packaging
TechnicalMeltblown + Water static collection
Featurewaterproof, mothproof
Application of MeltBlown FabricDisposable supplies
Table: Meltblown Fabric Details
Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric
Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric

Application of MeltBlown Fabric

Melt Blown Fabric has diversified the fields of application from several industrial applications to medical applications. Some of them are Here in the application of Meltblown fabric. Some specific Application of Meltblown fabric are as follows:

Healthcare Industry – Meditech productThe most powerful applications are found in healthcare segment. From mask to PPE, everywhere melt blown is involved to serve. Today, disposable disinfectant wipes, body Coverall, body Coverall, gowns, drapes, shoe coverings, and head coverings, Surgical gowns, EPP Kits, Diapers, Napkins and many more including masks and respirators for medical purpose.  
Personal Hygiene MaterialMeltblown used in children, women as well as adult personal Sanitary products, such as those for feminine hygiene and disposable napkins, diapers.  
Filtration,Used in producing filtration material like HEPA air filters. As well as gas and liquid filter products.
Absorbing materials  Wiping cloths, Oil and liquid adsorbents. These materials used to spills and pick up oil from the liquid.
Garments ProductMeltblown is used to produce many garments and apparel products materials. Example as Shaped Cotton, adhesive lining, shoe liners, wadding, leather-based clothing and so on.
Home DécorToday it’s used many luxurious Bedsheets, Tablecloth, Wall Cloth, etc.  
Agriculture Cloths  In agriculture industry, its used as Irrigation fabric, fabric for raising seedlings, to protect crops, provide thermal insulation, filtration and so more.  
Industrial purposeGeo textile, hometech, different filter material, packaging bag and so on.  
Packing MaterialsVegetable and meat packing trays. Hugely used in Coffee filters and tea bags.
MaskToday Meltblown fabric is famous for its being an essential element for producing mask. Especially N95 masks and surgical masks. Today world’s nonwoven is growing vastly for the purpose of producing mask. Medical grade Meltblown fabric already made a revolution in the Meditech industry.
Table: Application of MeltBlown Fabric

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