What is Classification of Non Woven Fabric?

Most people have no knowledge about the term nonwoven fabric. The word nonwoven has been traced back to the half of last century about nonwoven and classification of non woven fabric. Then nonwovens were often considered as low-cost substitutes of traditional fabric. After the covid pandemic breaks out, non-woven fabric is getting attention from the industry as well as to the consumers.

Nonwoven materials are considered as borderline between the papermaking production industry and the textile industry as well as the plastic films chemical industry. That is why nonwoven industries have nothing in common with woven and knit fabric production in terms of raw materials and technologies.

Classification of Non Woven Fabric
Classification of Non Woven Fabric

Still, nonwovens are stumbling due to its associated with something amazing from traditional fabrics. It is something modern, more progressive, as well as hygienic. But still, now, the industry is not aware of the general classification of non woven fabric.

There are many types of different fabric materials that may be compared with the same term. That’s why It is very important to know about the exact definition of nonwoven fabric and the classification of Non woven fabric.

What is Nonwoven Fabric?

Nonwoven Fabric is a sheet of fibres, continuous filaments, of any natural or inorganic sources. It has formed into a web as well as bonded together by mechanical, chemical, and thermal process. It’s produced from a special kind of chemical or glue mixture. It has manufacturing process by using heat pressure or moisture on fibre.

Consequently, you never find any grainline on nonwovens. Usually, Nonwoven fabric is more cost-effective to produce than others. Today’s Surgical masks, baby diapers, sanitary napkins, coffee bags, etc are the best applications of Non-Woven Fabric. Therefore, fabric manufacturers and consumers have a great interest in nonwoven fabric for its amazing characteristics.

 Different types of non woven fabric are as follows:

Classification of Non woven Fabric

A. Classification of Non woven Fabric according to the Methods of Production:

  1. Wet Bonded
  2. Dry Bonded
  3. Spun Bonded
spunbond non woven fabric
spunbond non woven fabric

B. Classification of Nonwoven according to the use of Raw Materials:

  • Durable
  • Semi durable
  • Disposable

C. Classification of Nonwoven according to the Technology of Raw Materials:

  1. Staple fiber non-woven
  2. Filament non-woven
  3. Fiber nonwoven

D. Classification of Nonwoven according to Their Properties:

  • Flame retardant
  • Water re-parent
  • Water absorbent

Here, we are going to provide, Specifically, some popular Classification of Nonwoven Fabric. Here, you will get a crystal idea about these nonwovens’ fabric.

E. 5 Popular Nonwoven Fabric

Spunbond Fabric Manufacturing Process
Spunbond Fabric Manufacturing Process
  1. Spunbound NonWoven Fabric
  2. Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric
  3. Spunlance Nonwoven Fabric
  4. SSMS NonWoven Fabric
  5. SME Nonwoven Fabric

Characteristics of Non woven Fabric

Characteristics of Non Woven FabricProperties
Strength:Low tear and burst strength to high strength.
Fabrication Method:Gluing/ heat bonding/ sewing.
Appearance:paperlike/ feltlike/ woven fabric type.
Hand feel:Soft/ resilient hand/ hard/ stiffy/ boardy with little pliability.
Thickness:May be thin as tissue or many times thicker.
Light Transparency:Translucent/ opaque.
Porosity:High/ Low.
Drape ability:Good to poor.
Table: characteristics of non woven fabric

Application of Nonwoven Fabric:

classification of non woven

Kitchen Sanitary Nonwoven Fabric
Industry AreaIndustrial Application of Nonwoven
Industrial textilesIndustrial wipes, filtration products, roofing, water insulation, protective clothing, etc.
GeotextilesGeo-Bag, road and railway construction, roofing and drain felts, dams, shore protection, etc
FurnitureShoulder pads, waddings materials, mattresses.
Automotive fabricsHeadliners, door trim, cleaning wipes, parcel shelves, carpets, insulation felts, gas filters, surface covers for various molded components, etc.
MediTechSurgical gowns, operational cover sheets, medical bed sheets, medi towels, wound dressings, gauze, wet tissue, wiping cloths cover stock for sanitary products, pads, etc.
Sanitary products IndustrySanitary Pad, baby wipes, facial clean wipe, face masks, disposable pants, medi pads etc.
HomeTechCarpets, wall coverings, decor felts, wipe blankets, etc.
SporTechShoe, bags, sport materials.
Household productsCleaning wipes, home furnishing fabrics, tablecloths and napkins, curtains, food coverings, tea bags and so on.
Table: Application of Nonwoven Fabric

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