Non-Woven Fabric and Embroidery – A Bonding How A Fine Combination

Non-woven fabric and Embroidery have a very vital role in our daily life. You can find non-woven fabrics, teabags, air conditioning filters, mask diapers, and embroidered clothes in your wipes.

Non-Woven Fabric and Embroidery
Non-woven fabric and Embroidery have a very vital role in our daily life.

The use of non-woven fabric suddenly increased after COVID-19. After Corona, the world uses masks and wipes made with non-woven fabric. And it increases the demand and production of non-woven fabric in factories. The textile industry now uses non-woven fabric to make embroidery backing and other usable items.

Is Non-Woven Fabric Breathable?

It is a breathable and disposable type of fabric. This fabric is the oldest textile in the old days, used in shirts, collars, and sleeves. But now, it has wide use in the textile industry.

Non-woven fabric is neither woven nor knitted. It has a sheet or web-like structure bonded together by connected fiber or plastic film. It is commonly made from recycled fabric and oil-based material.

Non-Woven Fabric and Embroidery

Non-woven fabrics are also considered eco-friendly fabrics because of their recycled property. Non-woven fabric can be recycled after proper treatment.

Non-woven fabrics are divided into two categories: durable and the other is disposable.

What is the use of non-woven fabric with embroidery?

Non-woven fabrics are also called felt. Due to its mechanical, chemical, and heat-bonding nature, it takes and holds the embroidery well, especially for towel chenille embroidery. The non-woven fabric is used in the backing of the yarn patches. It is the most common backing for custom-made chenille patches.

Used non-woven fabric in many fields

Non-Woven Fabric and Embroidery
  • Non-woven fabric has extensive use in Health & Hygiene. It is used in making diapers, wipes(fingernails and others), facial pads, and cosmetics.
  • Apparel uses insulation and protection clothing, including industrial workwear, chemical defense suits, and stabilizer/backing for machine embroidery.
  • Pillows, cushions, and mattress cores and in the comforter.
  • Meat and other edible items come in non-woven shopping bags.
  • You find non-woven fabric in ac filters, water filters, coffee and tea bags, vacuum bags, and wipes for surface cleaning in the household.
  • It is used in surgical covers and masks, isolation gowns, surgical scrub suits, caps, wound dressing, cleaning wipes, plaster, and disposable clothing for medical purposes.
  • It is used in carpet backing and industrial wipes.


The use of non-woven fabric is extensive in textile industries. You cannot deny the scope of non-woven fabric in the future. Now it is not only used for lining and backing with embroidery. But it is used in many daily usable items. That is why textile industries increase non-woven fabric production to fill the demand.

Non-woven fabric’s significant benefit is that it is not only supported and breathable but also disposable. These properties of the non-woven fabric make it more beneficial for making different daily used things. Non-woven fabric has given a new revolution to the textile industry.

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