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HDPE Non Woven Fabric

HDPE Non Woven fabric is a widespread name in the textile industry. This article describes head to head about HDPE Non-Woven Fabric and the right place for getting the best quality HDPE Non-Woven Fabric. At the end of the paper, we will present an easy manufacturing process to understand at a glimpse. 

What is HDPE Non Woven Fabric?

HDPE refers to high-density polyethylene that is a thermoplastic polymer and generated from the ethylene monomer. HDPE Non-Woven fabric is a fabric-like material made from polyethylene, and the density of polyethylene is very high.

 Non-woven fabric can diversify in many aspects. Density is one of them, and high-density polyethylene is an active kind of non-woven fabric. HDPE gives high tensile strength, creep, hardness, good thermal stability, and a terrific water vapor barrier to the non-woven fabric.

 You can recycle most of the HDPE non woven fabric after you use it one time. So this fabric has more ecological importance. Sunotex supplies satisfactory HDPE non Woven fabric. They have solid experience for more than fourteen years and became one of the best manufacturers of HDPE non woven fabric in the world.


Factors   Opinion
Tensile strength   0.20 – 0.40 N/mm^2
Density   0.944 – 0.965 gm/cm^3
Maximum use temperature 65 degrees Celsius
Alcohol, dilute alkali, dilute acids.   Good resistance



HDPE non woven fabric functions as an absorbance.

Decent chemical resistance

HDPE formulates super chemical resistance power to the non-woven fabric. HDPE non woven fabric is awesome resistant to chemicals like oil, grease, hydrocarbons, alcohols, dilute acids and alkalis.

Flame retardancy

The thermal stability of HDPE non woven fabric is very high. A flame retardant fabric is very reliable, and you can use the fabric for a long time.


Filtering is a predominant characteristic of HDPE non woven fabric. You can find masks, sheets or filtering paper that do filtering pretty well.

Bacterial barrier

Nowadays, bacterial barrier fabric is very desirable for all. HDPE non woven fabric is quite doing a nice work an as bacterial barrier


High-density polyethylene non-woven fabric can maintain heat, water and even vapor in a limited situation. So it works as a weatherproof fabric. This quality increases the durability of your fabric.


You can use it for a longer period as this is easy to use and carry. This amazing non-woven fabric is very flexible.

Varieties of HDPE non woven fabric

There are different types of HDPE non woven fabric. According to the stability and vitality, high consistency polyethylene non-woven fabric is three types. Such as-

1. Durable

Durable HDPE non woven fabric is manufactured with the goal of long-term use. The remarkable fabric is specially used for carpet, fusing or carpet backing.

Example: Nylon, polyester, rayon, etc.

2. Semi durable

Semi-durable is not very sustainable like the durable one, but you can use it more than once. Semi-durable fabric is used for making the mats.

Example: Tablemats.

3. Non-durable 

It is also known as the disposable HDPE non woven fabric, and it is made for limited use or one-time use.

Example: Facial mask, mask sheets.

Application areas HDPE non woven fabric


HDPE is widely used in the packaging trade. Milk and beverage bottles, bottle caps, paint pails etc., are prepared by HDPE. Moreover, HDPE non-woven fabric is similarly utilized for cement packaging. 


Nets, shades, sprinkler parts are very useful commodities in the agricultural sector, and these things yield from HDPE non-woven fabric.


You can use HDPE non woven fabric for making many chemical storage tanks, industrial drums, cable jacketing, filtering paper and weatherproof fabric industrially.


Decorative covers on the car wheels, car steer covers, car door interiors, bike wheels cover and so on.


HDPE non-woven fabric has a vast impact on household things. Grocery bags, mugs, soap boxes, boxes, mosquito nets, and laundry baskets are outstanding high-density polyethylene non-woven fabric creations.

Medical dressings

HDPE non-woven fabric is popular in the medical field. The materials of dressing bandages, many covers, dresses for operation theatres are HDPE non-woven fabric. So, you can see how massive the application area of HDPE non-woven fabric is! Isn’t it very stunning? If you want to know more about the applications of non-woven fabric, you can visit sunotex.com.

Manufacturing process :

Fiber Blending


Web Crossing









Final product


First, you need to collect all fiber then start carding with a carding machine. Carding will make fiber parallel. After carding, you need to do web crossing or lapping, and it will help increase thickness by layering. The fourth step is doing felting action with moisture and heat products. Then you can add dye, and for making high-density polyethylene, the non-woven fabric had to use ethylene monomer highly. Then they are allowed to use drying or stenting and checking. In the end, you will get your final product.

Future growth 

The HDPE non-woven fabric industry has a shining possibility, and this corporation is growing rapidly worldwide. 

High-Density Polyethylene non-woven surprisingly develops extensively between 2017 to 2021. In 2027 this industry will reach the pick point easily. In HDPE non-woven fabric area, spun-bond non-woven is the widest segment. In 2020 this sector achieved a 43% share. Additionally, it is projected to rise by a 5.9% compound annual growth rate in a ten-year mission from 2017 to 2027.

Where to buy the best HDPE Non Woven Fabric?

Indeed Sunotex is one of the best companies to buy exceptional quality HDPE non-woven fabric. They have a well-trained professional team to manufacture the product.

If you want to get good products at reasonable prices, then Sunotex should be your first choice. Sunotex gives the SGS test report with your order to prove its worth. 

Sunotex is an incredible B2B format company. So if you want to import HDPE non-woven fabric or plan to wholesale, then Contact Sunotex. Here I give the communication information for you.

Address: Shaoxing City, Zhejiang, China

Contact: +86 575 89967877

Email: sales@guanghongnonwoven.com

Final Verdict 

High-density polyethylene non-woven fabric is a popular type and widely used fabric. It will be a reasonable product for business and will be very profitable. This article provides a proper overview of this topic. I hope it will be very helpful for you. 

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