Why is Nonwoven Fabric Getting Popular Day by Day!

Nonwoven fabric is a low-cost, long-lasting, lightweight, and eco-friendly fabric. It’s a kind of fabric that doesn’t need to be spun. As a new generation of ecologically friendly material, nonwoven fabric is frequently utilized in the garment industry. In today’s article, we will know why the nonwoven fabric is getting popular day by day.

Nonwoven Fabric Getting Popular Day by Day!
Nonwoven Fabric Getting Popular Day by Day!

Reason Behind Nonwoven Fabric Getting Popular

Nonwoven textiles have largely replaced knitted, woven, and tufted fabrics, which has resulted in increased demand for nonwovens. Plastic sheeting, polyurethane foam, wood paper, cardboard, and leather are all alternatives to nonwovens. Nonwoven textiles outperform woven textiles in terms of price, aesthetics, and performance. Non-woven fabric benefits are the main reasoned behind nonwoven fabric getting popular.

1. Affordable:

As throwaway nonwoven has become more expensive, the sustainable nonwoven is achieving popularity for its affordable prices. Nonwovens are becoming more common in higher-end automobiles. A single car may now use approximately 35 pounds of nonwoven fabric, and this quantity is steadily rising.

2. Best for Hygiene Products:

Sustainable nonwoven can be used as permanent corrosion control, satisfying the needs of civil construction, filters, cushions, reinforcing, separation, and so on. As a result, it has become demandable for its best performance in hygiene products.

3. Excellent Antibacterial Properties:

The construction of polypropylene requires both temperature and pressure to achieve fiber-to-fiber fusion with increasing bonding temperature, both strength and extension increase. This thermal bonding reinforces the antibacterial properties and protects from viruses and bacteria. That’s why the fabric is used for the mask and other personal protective equipment. 

4. Comfortable Raw Materials:

Polypropylene resin with 0.9% cotton is the primary raw material for nonwoven production that makes the fabric light and fluffy. The fabric is free of chemical components, so it is extremely stable, non-toxic, has no distinct odor, and causes no skin discomfort.

5. Numerous Applications:

Bags made of nonwoven textiles are now adapted by various industries for garment packaging, food packaging, grocery packaging, and so on. Companies are providing nonwoven bags with their logo for branding their products.

You need to understand the importance of nonwoven fabric to know better about Why is non woven so popular?

nonwoven fabric getting popular

Importance of Nonwoven Fabric

  1. Nonwoven fabrics have traditionally been used as an important raw material in medical applications, but they have made significant inroads in the growing field of healthcare, and because of their inexpensive cost of manufacturing, adaptability in incorporating varied mechanical qualities, and minimal lint, which limits cross-infection and enables for high levels of hygiene to be maintained, they are ideal for hygiene applications.
  2. Sustainable nonwoven fabric is considered as the alternative to traditional materials in the home. This is an important substance for roofing felts, floor coverings, wall hangings, and many more.
  3. Crop cover, frost protection, landscape fabric, important greenhouse shading, mulching, hobby gardening, weed control, and insect protection are all important purposes for nonwoven fabric, which can also endure high-temperature changes. 
  4. Nonwovens assist reduce automobile weight, improve comfort and aesthetics, and provide enhanced insulation, fire retardancy, and resistance to water, fuels, extremes of temperature, and abrasion by incorporating the fundamental attributes required for good performance and safety. They help to make automobiles safer, more appealing, more long-lasting, more cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly.
  5. Technological advances in polymers, nonwoven processing, and fabric finishing have improved fabric physical and mechanical properties, such as fabric handling, tensile properties, abrasion resistance, pilling and washing stability, dyeing and printing, and creating opportunities for nonwoven fabric applications, particularly in apparel outerwear.
  6. Nonwovens play an essential role in addressing the energy problem by assisting in the delivery of cost-effective heating solutions. Electrically conductive fabrics with suitable under-padding integration can help heat a surface made of ceramic tiles, wood, ceiling tiles, or wall coverings.
  7. With correct use and deployment, nonwoven fabric is thoroughly important for carpet construction enhancement because it may extend the life of a carpet, safeguard its integrity, and reduce the likelihood of mold or bacterial formation. These also make installation more convenient, protect wooden surfaces, and make repairs easier.

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