How to Recycle Non-woven Fabric? in 2021✌

How to Recycle Non-woven Fabric?

Non-woven fabric material use is in the course of popularity boost among many. They are said to be one of the most popular plastic varieties among consumers and industrialists. But large scale use also term to end on a large scale of waste.

Non-woven Fabric

The problem indicates us to find a solution for it. Well, recycling is the major search of the industry whenever we talk about eco-friendly products. I am going to stress the details about the non-woven fabric recycling methods and other additional information in this article.

Process of recycling non-woven fabrics

The recycling process record of non-woven fabric starts in a melting pot. They are liquefied, and material breaking gets started on a digitalized machine. The next target is to add the polypropylene to your created liquid mixture.

The color on sight needs to take out of the system in an attempt to start the process of dying. The colored pellet form of the dye needs to be arranged and turn it to a mixture. As you go through the process, you already have the first solution in the case of recycling non-woven fabrics.

non-woven fabrics
Process of recycling non-woven fabrics

Next, stretch the way of the liquid on a flat screen and roast it at a high temperature. The end result of the procedure will be a large sheet of flexible resin polymer on view. Deboss the polymer, and it will show up the described woven cloth appearances.

Full-length polymer needs to compress in a large roller. The process of recycling non-woven fabrics is not yet completed. Begin the cooling process, and the end of the cycle will sum up the job. You will have a non-woven recycled fabric on your hand if you have done everything properly, as mentioned.

What is Polypropylene?

The initial thought in the name of Polypropylene is that it is a plastic pellet. They are nowadays the most contracted fibers in the industry when it comes to recycling non-woven fabrics. The sign of great success is achieved by its unique properties.

You can easily rate the quality of polypropylene as the best in call of durability. They have tough formations, and that is hard to crack. Industries depend on them as they can be used repeatedly, which cuts short the waste loss.

Non-Woven Fabric
Non-Woven Fabric

Polypropylene is a type of insulator that marks the lowest thermal conductivity in line with natural fabrics. Hard resistance on fade and stain is also promised, which lays good quality regime for any recycled products.

Industry always has the pressure of catching fire as they are often working with risky components. Well, polypropylene can reduce the risk of fire by a good margin. It also works well as a water-resistance fiber. Altogether the quality has made the fiber a perfect choice for recycling non-woven fabrics.

Is the Non-Woven Fabric Eco-Friendly?

Non-woven fabric always includes its name on the eco-friendly product list. There are mainly two ways to make a product eco-friendly in modern times. The product can either be degraded or recycled for further use. There is a portion of plastic pellets on the non-woven fabrics.

Non-Woven Fabric
Is the Non-Woven Fabric Eco-Friendly

All the other materials of the fabric are capable of degrading with the soil, but the plastic will remain as we all know. But good thing is that it can be recycled.

Everything that shows up well on the recycling bar is known to be eco-friendly for regular use. But the disposal of the fiber needs to be done properly in link to better turnout on the recycling promise.


You have taken your time and completed the learning phase for recycling non-woven fabric. The advantages of recycling non-woven fabrics are endless. We have lay-out a foundation through which you get to know the whole work procedure in short form.

I hope the article helps you well in your search for more info. There might be more queries that are lurking inside your head. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further info. There will not be much of a delay in response to your need.  

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