What Certification is Necessary for Producing Nonwoven? ✅

Necessary Certification for Producing Nonwoven Fabric:

Most people are inexperienced with the phrase “nonwoven” and specialist human resources in this field were scarce until a few years ago. Non-Woven can be thought of as the dividing line between the textile and chemical industries. Nonwoven fabric is created from high-tech, revolutionary designed fibers widely utilized in consumer and industrial applications.

In addition to the ISO certificate, some other certificates are required to produce nonwoven fabric in the factory. These certificates maintain essential things like product quality man or consumer safety. In today’s article, we will discuss what certification is necessary for producing nonwoven in the factory.

1. ISO 9001 Certificate

Necessary for Producing Nonwoven
ISO 9001 Certificate

The ISO 9001 certification sets the specific product standards for a product quality management system. This standard is founded on several project management methodologies, including a strong customer focus, upper management motivation and involvement, a procedural approach, and quality improvement.

This certificate can be used by any large or small organization regardless of the field of quality assurance of its product. ISO 9001 ensures that clients obtain consistent, high-quality products and services with several commercial advantages.

2. SGS Certification

Necessary for Producing Nonwoven
SGS Certification

SGS is one of the certifications for non-oven manufacturing companies. SGS is the world’s leading testing, inspection, and certification agency. SGS primarily tests product quality, safety, and effectiveness against health, consumer protection, and product regulatory standards. They will issue you an SGS Certificate if they believe your products, processes, systems, or services meet national and international standards and policies with their comprehensive certification services.

3. OEKO-TEX® Certification

OEKO-TEX® Certification
OEKO-TEX® Certification

Consumer interest in sustainable products is growing, and brands in the garment sector are becoming more demanding when acquiring certified textile products. If you want to be an appropriate choice, you must actively respond to the increasing needs. OEKO-TEX® certification, according to STANDARD 100, can provide producers with a significant competitive advantage.

It is applied to textile goods of all processing phases, from the thread to the finished product, and is conducted universally worldwide by independent OEKO-TEX® institutions. The investment in OEKO-TEX® certification is worthwhile since it ensures the long-term viability of your commercial connections.

4. CE Certificate

CE Certificate
CE Certificate

The CE Certificate certifies that the products are evaluated under the relevant guidelines and comply with the guidelines of the new procedure in terms of safety, health, and environmental protection requirements. All items made in EU nations and products manufactured elsewhere and delivered to EU countries must have a CE certificate.

However, this certificate is not necessary for everyone. This certificate is necessary for you if you are manufacturing in a factory in the EU or exporting to EU countries by producing in a country outside the EU.

5. ISCC/ ISCC Plus Certification

ISCC/ ISCC Plus Certification
ISCC/ ISCC Plus Certification

ISCC is a certification method for sustainability covering the whole supply chain and all bio-based industrial processes and renewables. It provides a solid foundation for implementing supply chain sustainability standards voluntarily.

This certification shows that traceability is guaranteed in line with these worldwide sustainability criteria that apply to all industries. Your firm has strong evidence of traceability to a sustainable source with an ISCC certification.

SunoTex Certification for Producing Nonwoven

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